What People are saying…

“We love Laura Christensen’s work, and have now collected six (!) of her transformations of everyday photographs: transformations that are winsome and unsettling, and constitute a surreal glimpse into another world: the world of all of our old snapshots, forever defamiliarized.”  Jim Shepard, author of You Think That’s Bad, and Karen Shepard, author of The Celestials 

“In today’s image saturated society we all too often look past the crazy jumble and juxtaposition of subject, meaning and content that surround us on a daily basis. Laura Christensen’s work, which mines historic photographs, art historical textbooks, and other seemingly disparate materials, brings these sort of “delicate visual mash ups,” as she calls them, to the fore. With whimsy and visual sophistication Christensen creates surreal new worlds for our mind’s eye to explore and enjoy, and that hopefully help us to see our own, all too real, world anew. ”  Jamie Franklin, Curator of Collections at Bennington Museum

“Laura Christensen’s witty, mysterious, beautifully crafted pieces are always surprising, and always a delight: rich fictions brought alive by her meticulous vision.”  –Andrea Barrett, novelist 

“The intriguingly altered worlds that Laura creates are wrought with both precision and inventiveness. Their seamless blend of photograph and fiction convincingly suggests the presence of magic in ordinary life.”  — Sharon Bates, Director, Art & Culture Program, Albany International Airport 

Laura Christensen
Arrangements in Grey and Black, Blue, Green, and Yellow (after Whistler)
Rabbit Ears
Rabbit Ears
Laura Christensen_Here Then Today and Far Away
Here Then Today and Far Away